SEO tip for blogger: Make The Page Title work for better SEO

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hello everybody,

Today i will start to writing a search engine optimization (SEO) tips for blogger.

it's activaty works with most SEO experters in all over the world

The Title

and the first tipe you must to do it to make the page title working for a better SEO,

It will helps you ranked up fast by the search engines

and don't forget that :
If you have any idea, drop me a comment and then we can discuss it here.

Standard page title for a single Blogger post is BLOG TITLE: POST TITLE. You can improve SEO by changing the title tags to POST TITLE BLOG TITLE. Find this code in your XML template,

Important Note :
Please remove all (**) from the codes before making any action
Search for :


and Replace it with this code :

<**b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'**>
<**title**><**data:blog.pageName/**> <**data:blog.title/**><**/title**>


Don't forget to deleate the (**) from the codes
i am sorry because blogger don't allowed to publish this code without **
i hope you understand that

Thank you for your time
Good Luck for all
Money Press Team

Making Money Books

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Making Money Books
note : Some of these books with Master Resell Rights and/or Giveaway Right included!
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The Archive

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Money Press's Archive

23 forums to help you make money online

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Since 3 Days , i have write about the forums and i told you about the six ways to make money online through the forums , now i would like to tell you about 23 webmaster and affiliate marketing forums to help you making money online.

i don't write my review of any of these forums , but i will let you discover it by yourself.
note : i am a member on some fourms , and not of all these forums .

Now i will let you with the list to discovering it,

Digital Point

V7N Fourm


Webmaster World

SEO Chat

Earners Forum


Self Starters Weekly Tips

9- Wicked Fire

Warrior Forum

ABest Web

5 Star Affiliate Marketing Forums

Affiliate Programs Forum



Get Paid Forum

Dream Team Money



Work at Home Forum


Talk Freelance

23- NamePros

That's all thing
Good Luck for you
Money Press Team

6 Ways To Make Money Online Within The Forums

Friday, August 21, 2009

Here are Money Press Team write for you and for the world a six distinctive ways in which forum can help you to making money online.

1. Marketing and Promotion ( The Traffic ).
the great way to promote your business is by using the fourms ,
because you’ll get to reach a good traffic to your sites , blogs , or your affiliate links easily by simply contributing to the community.

2. Networking and Business Opps.
You might just meet some one on the forums like a fellow blogger, webmaster or business partner that wants to collaborate on any project on the web.

3. Scam Verification.
Do you want to check if a suspicious looking website actually pays its users? Forums are the best place to know the true things.

4. Referral & Affiliate Booster.
Forums are a perfect way to promote your affiliates or referral links. Just remember that : do not spam or you’ll get banned easily.

5. Free Signature Backlinks.
Put signature links on the forums will help the websites and blogs to be indexed by search engines.

6. Knowledge of Money Making .
Forums are the great ways to discover and learn a new ways or methods of making money online.

Good Luck
Money Press Team

Increase AdSense Revenue with Competitive Ad Filter

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hi Adsense publisher,

Today on Money Press blog you will learn new idea to increase your adsense earnings

Do you asked yourself : why there is the price of clicks in your account low ? between 1 cents-10 cents ?

This is because some Adword marketers are offering low amounts ,

because they have adsense on their sites and make a ( MFA ) Made For Adsense sites

And they might get 10 cents a click for every 1 cent they pay.

But there is a way around this to increase your earnings.

Go to Adsblacklist,
1- Sign Up
2- put in your URL and keyword
3- click generate
You will then get an extensive list of 200 sites to block in your AdSense competitive ad filter.

Now copy and paste the websites into competitive ad filter into your adsense setup

Now wait till Adsense blocks those sites.

Good Luck For All
Money Press Team