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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


If you have a blog and you have been in the blogging and have attracted quite a world wide network of readers, what you write in your blog will have a greater impact on your readers.

When you’ve created quite a stir in Blogosphere, you can expect more chances to open up to you.
Some companies may start getting near for you to ask for “press releases” wherein you simply have to write something about their company or their products.

This would mean that your word matters to your readers that you’ve now become an advertising medium in your own right. This would also mean more money making opportunities as you work from home.

So ( more readers = more money ).


Freelance blogging is another way to earn money from your blog as you work from home.

Becoming a freelance blogger may take time, because you would have to earn credibility and built a reputation in the readers and blogging world before your blogging services will make an impact enough to make buyers interested in you. When starting out, you can expect the pay to be small, but as you start to known among readers, your rate as a freelance blogger will definitely skyrocket. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a freelance blogger whose opinions readers will value, then start now! Advertise yourself on your blog and in blogging forums to let people know you’re available for hire.

Ads Space :

Offering ad space on your blog is an easy and effortless way to keep the money streaming in as you work from home. Sign up with Google AdSense and other web advertising sites. If you think ads may clutter up your blog, then offer spaces links. Make the most out of your site. You’ve got nothing to lose, anyway, so put up some ads and get paid per click the ads get from your visitors. The extra money ( $cash$ ) will make your work from home experience even better.

There are many other ways how to make money through professional blogging,
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