Now, Google AdSense lets publishers choose their own font

Thursday, February 19, 2009

yesterday, i was read an article by jennifer slegg ( ) it is about a new adsense fonts , and here is the news :
now the publishers of google adsense have just been given a new option in their AdSense accounts to choose their own fonts.
The new options are “Standard AdSense font family”, which varies by ad unit but is typically Verdana or Arial (view the standard formats here), as well as Arial, Verdana or Times New Roman as an option as well. It is worth noting that both Arial and Times New Roman can display much smaller inside the ad unit that defaults to Verdana, so be wary of making any immediate changes without looking to see how it looks in your chosen ad unit.
And here are screenshots of the three ads, with the standard Open Air color scheme:
Arial :

Times New Roman:


So what does everyone think of the changes? I will definitely be testing it out, and while I definitely won’t be rushing to change my entire account to anything but the default, it is nice that publishers now have this option if they want it.
Thank you for reading,
Money Press Team.