Keywords with Highest Cost Per Click 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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Today , we will show you The Largest List of Keywords with Highest Cost Per Click 2009 ,

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ِAdsense new policy: Google Says, No More Copied or illegal Content

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Now, we wants you to read adsense new policy about copy contents
From Adsense to All Publishers :



Sometimes we receive reports about AdSense code appearing on websites that
contain content copied from other websites. We understand that many of
publishers are concerned about this issue, so we'd like to give you some
information about the procedures and tools you can use to protect your
content.For example, let's suppose you own a movie blog, where you recently
posted an article about your favorite actor. After publishing it, you notice
that another website has copied and published your article without your
permission. The owner of the other website doesn't respond to your requests
remove the content, and it is monetizing their pages with AdSense. In a
situation like this, where you believe that a site containing AdSense code
illegally copying your site's content, you can let us know by following
process described in our
Help Center.



The notice should be sent directly from the owner of the
copyrighted materials allegedly being infringed (in the example above, that's
you), as we are unable to accept third-party copyright complaints. Also keep in
mind that we are unable to process copyright complaints received through the
AdSense policy violation report form. Once we've received a
notice of infringement, we will take appropriate action.


Sounds like an interesting subject to keep an eye on and in my opinion : Google has the authority to make or break any website. Its good to see that they are stepping up to police the Internet. However, i agree that this is going to be a huge pain for them.

So , Be Careful.

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How to boost clicks on adsense ( Adsense tip to boost clicks )

Saturday, February 21, 2009

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Here are ( The Money Press Team ) will teach you : How to boost clicks on adsense ,

( Adsense tip to boost clicks ) ,

Here is a quick adsense tip that I have implemented into the most of our websites and blogs now which has produced dramatic ctr on all our pages and boosted our income.

The tip that we want to tell you is to have 33x250 boxes directly above the fold (the first part of the webpage before you have to scroll down) and on the left a text ad box which is blended to your websites text links and on the right an image ad.

Like the example from one of my websites below:

All we have above the ad boxes is my header which is the same for each of my websites.You can see here that when a visitor comes to our websites the first thing they will see is that picture above which is related to my website about blocked drains, the ad on the left in many peoples eyes is actual links on our websites and so they will click through on them which increases my click throughs and our earnings.

Put this to the test yourself.

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Now, Google AdSense lets publishers choose their own font

Thursday, February 19, 2009

yesterday, i was read an article by jennifer slegg ( ) it is about a new adsense fonts , and here is the news :
now the publishers of google adsense have just been given a new option in their AdSense accounts to choose their own fonts.
The new options are “Standard AdSense font family”, which varies by ad unit but is typically Verdana or Arial (view the standard formats here), as well as Arial, Verdana or Times New Roman as an option as well. It is worth noting that both Arial and Times New Roman can display much smaller inside the ad unit that defaults to Verdana, so be wary of making any immediate changes without looking to see how it looks in your chosen ad unit.
And here are screenshots of the three ads, with the standard Open Air color scheme:
Arial :

Times New Roman:


So what does everyone think of the changes? I will definitely be testing it out, and while I definitely won’t be rushing to change my entire account to anything but the default, it is nice that publishers now have this option if they want it.
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Google inc. Opens The AdSense For Domains Internationally

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When i browse the internet i was found a discussion at discussion at DigitalPoint Forums, Google AdSense Help and WebmasterWorld, it is about Opening The AdSense For Domains Internationally,

In December , Google reported that : AdSense for Domains product to all US publishers, and Today, we are See reports in several forums that it has now been expanded to international publishers as well.

I was very concerned to learn in December that this very controversial program was expanded then. But to be honest, I have not seen many complaints since the expansion.

For my opinion, things did not get worse by opening up.

In fact, maybe things have been getting better with Google and fighting off certain types of MFAs and arbitrageurs.

Opening this program internationally doesn't worry me, but let's see how Google handles it.

Right now, we have very little feedback on the implications of this move. The best thing is to wait and watch. Oh, trust me, as soon as I see complaints, I will bring them to you.

Work from Home online through professional blogging

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


If you have a blog and you have been in the blogging and have attracted quite a world wide network of readers, what you write in your blog will have a greater impact on your readers.

When you’ve created quite a stir in Blogosphere, you can expect more chances to open up to you.
Some companies may start getting near for you to ask for “press releases” wherein you simply have to write something about their company or their products.

This would mean that your word matters to your readers that you’ve now become an advertising medium in your own right. This would also mean more money making opportunities as you work from home.

So ( more readers = more money ).


Freelance blogging is another way to earn money from your blog as you work from home.

Becoming a freelance blogger may take time, because you would have to earn credibility and built a reputation in the readers and blogging world before your blogging services will make an impact enough to make buyers interested in you. When starting out, you can expect the pay to be small, but as you start to known among readers, your rate as a freelance blogger will definitely skyrocket. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a freelance blogger whose opinions readers will value, then start now! Advertise yourself on your blog and in blogging forums to let people know you’re available for hire.

Ads Space :

Offering ad space on your blog is an easy and effortless way to keep the money streaming in as you work from home. Sign up with Google AdSense and other web advertising sites. If you think ads may clutter up your blog, then offer spaces links. Make the most out of your site. You’ve got nothing to lose, anyway, so put up some ads and get paid per click the ads get from your visitors. The extra money ( $cash$ ) will make your work from home experience even better.

There are many other ways how to make money through professional blogging,
came back again to your favourite blog ( )
to discover more about How to make extra cash online.

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Starting a blog for Fun and Get Profit

Monday, February 16, 2009

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Today we will talk about blogging,

In the last few years, blogging has become a much more Profit activity than simply maintaining a personal diary. The People use it to make a lot of money by advertise to their products and services, quite a number of companies even create their online presence by using a blog instead of a website.

Create Your Own Blog

Starting a blog .You don't need to register a domain name or buy hosting , but You can create one at Website or a free service from Google .

When you sign up at Blogger, everything happens online. Your blog will be hosted and you get an URL like Website You simply log in to your account and start to write.

This is much easy and cheap.

The secound blogging service available online is : WordPress which is also very popular and easy to use.

WordPress supports more features than Blogger while allowing you to customize your blog with various plug-in. You can check it out at Website .

Get Money from Your Blog :

While you blogging for your own interest, you can in fact maximize the potential of your blog for many marketing or commercial purposes.

The quickest and easiest way to turn a blog into a money-making project is to include advertising on your blog.

This can be done with contextual ad programs like Adsense - to learn more about Adsense you can read more articles on our blog ( ). you get paid when people click ads displayed on your website or blog.

Google Adsense program is free to sign up. You can visit adsense website to learn more about the rules and guidelines of the program.

Other Adsense type ads that you can use for blog monetizing are SearchFeed, AdBrite, and (YPN) Yahoo's Publisher’s Network .

Another potential way to make money blogging by using: Affiliate program.

By working on the subject of your blog post, you can advertise relevant products from cost per sale affiliate
programs like ClickBank, CJ, and Amazon.

You write a review about the product or service with your affiliate links embedded inside so you get the commission whenever a sale is made.

Whether you use your blog for fun or for work, remember that it’s a highly potential tool any which way. So what are you waiting for? Start blogging away right now!

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The secret to become an expert blogger

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The secret to being able to make money Blogging is to become an expert blogger.

It is a small tipes to become an expert blogger:

1- Learn everything about the Blogging world.

2- Read and gather information about blogs pinging .

3- Read and gather information about blogs ranking .

4- Find out who the major Blogging communities and directories are and join them.

At first, Much of the information may seem overwhelming , but persevere and you will find the art of making money Blogging becomes easier to understand. Working hard is important but working smarter is better. find out how other successful Bloggers making money Blogging and how they achieved success.

Then you can begin your online Business .

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Over $3 Million With A Blog !

Friday, February 13, 2009

Dave Winer offers his own rebuttal for Dan Lyons, who had written a piece in Newsweek that said that :

"While blogs can do many wonderful things, making huge amounts of money isn't one of them."

But , Dave Winer Write his own rebuttal for his words . saied that :

" I agree. Blogs don't make money. But people with blogs can."

It’s a simple counter argument framed in numbers and symbols : $3 million. That’s how much Winer claims to have made from his blog over the years, from advertising.

Winer used his blog to talk about what he was doing , Net profit: $500k . Consulting gigs from his blog: “a few hundred thousand.” Sale of to Verisign after only mentioning it on his blog: $2.3 million.

" So we're already over $3 million -- and all he did was what any blogger does -- talk about what he doing."

you can make many thousands or maybe many millions of dollars from your blog by using an advertising programs like " Adsense or AdBrite "

let's begin now.............:D

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Google Testing New Adsense Format Include Larger Search Box

Thursday, February 12, 2009

B'd a member on DigitalPoint Forums write a discussion that Google Adsense added a search box inside the ad...

Google is experimenting new ways in that try it make the visitors click on their ads.
Now they have added a Google search box inside the Adsense ad.
We can search the advertiser’s whole site inside the search box without clicking on the ad.

The owner of renjusblog took some screenshots of those ads...

This seems to be a fairly
interactive ad box.

It might be one of those Google Gadget Ads but one publisher said he never noticed the ad type on his site.

Forum discussion at
DigitalPoint Forums.

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Money Press Team

Google Adsense Gives Some Publishers more Channels

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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Today, we will take a look on adsense channels : ( The Recent News & How to use it ),

The Recent News :

Jennifer Slegg of write a report that Google gives some publishers more channels by added 300 more channels for AdSense publishers, making it up to a total of 500 channels for the publishers.

According to Google: Channels enable you to view detailed reporting about the performance of specific pages and ad units. By assigning a channel to a combination of pages or ad units, you could track the performance of a leaderboard versus a banner, or compare your motorcycle pages to your automobile pages.

The thing is, the discussion at
WebmasterWorld are reporting that many are reporting only having 200 channels, while others said they had a total of 500 for a really long time .

How to use the channels :

You want to make money using Google Adsense, but you want multiple sites in Google Adsense? Here's how you track your Adsense earnings using channels inside your Adsense account.

Watch the video:

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More about AdSense Colors

Monday, February 9, 2009

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you know that: we are talk about making money online with google adsense program.

In these part of joel comm's AdSense presentation, he talk more about selecting the right color configurations for your AdSense ads.Check out the examples to learn more.

watch the video:

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Selecting the Right AdSense Colors

Sunday, February 8, 2009

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With Google's color palette, you can make your AdSense blocks look like any color of the rainbow. But are some color schemes better than others for generating revenue. In this part of Joel comm presentation, he begin discussing the best strategies for selecting colors.
Now for free with money press team you can maximize your adsense revenue by chossen the right adsense colors.
watch the video now:

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AdSense Strategies - Page Placement and Block Size

Saturday, February 7, 2009

An Important Program for adsense publishers
Tested spyware free (5.38MB)

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Do you want to know that:

What the tipe to increase your adsense revenue ??

Now for free :

You can increase your AdSense revenue when you know which ad blocks to use and where to put the ads on your page. In joel comm live presentation, he reveal the blocks and placement that bring the greatest clickthrough rate.

Watch the video to learn how ??

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AdSense Mistakes

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Making money with AdSense is easy, as long as you know how.
Do you want to know how?? , Do you want to know what is the mistakes that people make with Google AdSense ??
Now, you can learn all that for free,
also, come to our blog again to learn more about adsense.
Watch joel comm presentation and learn about the top 10 mistakes that people make when trying to make AdSense cash.

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The internet marketing

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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Here are aimn hasn , a member in the money press team.
and i would like to write today about The Internet Marketing
So, If you interesting , Read my article.
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Let's beginning :

The good thing about embracing the concept of Internet marketing is that in reality it works.

Do you know why I said so? Well, I did it and it worked for me.
Now, just this morning when I was asking my friends about the progress that they have after our first and second sessions, someone told me that it’s working.
Yet most of the time, I’d notice a lot of companies still try to deny the need of Internet marketing.

They still dwell in the traditional marketing that they’ve had for so long.
Well, honestly, I don’t really mind. And I say that there’s nothing wrong with clinging with the old practice as long as they’re doing something new to compliment the old.

Setting up an Internet marketing system isn’t an easy job. I always say that it’s like giving birth and taking care of the new-born until he can be at his own.

My goal is to help people to achieve a certain level of success using the existing technology. I’ve already made enough money as an Internet marketer. I thought it would be great to share my knowledge to those who may need it.

When i browsed the internet today , i was readed a small article on some-site its A Short Intro On Internet Marketing it includes some important notes:

1-The huge number of often scares the aspirants to developing a business online.

2- Lots of people who take up an Internet business don’t have the experience and knowledge necessary to deal with the challenges of technical web support.

3- and therefore they have to invest in tools, strategies and consultancy in order to create a good return on investment, well-targeted visitors and quality traffic.

4-In order to understand the way Internet marketing tools operate, an outline of the online marketing promotion strategies is necessary.

5-The aim of the campaigns is more than obvious but the procedure that attracts more customers takes a lot of time and work to implement.

and now i will tell for you:
If you want to do a Successful Web Marketing , you must know that:

You will need to learn how to invite, present, and sell. Invite people to try your product or service. Present it to them in such a way that they truly can see the benefit they will receive from your product or service. And then learn how to effectively follow up and close that sale.

Read more , Learn more , Do more...
on our blog:

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Ways to do adsense - AdSense Secrets Live with Joel Comm #6

Monday, February 2, 2009

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Here are The Money Press Team , Joel Comm and YouTube Videos

Presents :

AdSense Secrets Live with Joel Comm #6:

Ways to do adsense

Learn the secrets to making money with Google AdSense.

In part #6, Joel explains the different ways to make money with AdSense .

Enjoy Waching The Video

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Pennies and Ebook - AdSense Secrets Live with Joel Comm #5

Hello, Every body

Here are The Money Press Team , Joel Comm and YouTube Videos

Presents :

AdSense Secrets Live with Joel Comm #5 :
Pennies and Ebook

What is the value of a penny? Joel Comm demonstrates how the penny gets no respect, but deserves it.

In part #5 of his AdSense presentation, you'll discover why.

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Adsense Start - AdSense Secrets Live with Joel Comm #4

Here are The Money Press Team , Joel Comm and YouTube Videos


AdSense Secrets Live with Joel Comm #4

Learn the secrets to making money with Google AdSense.

In part #4, Joel Comm talks about his AdSense history.

From just a few dollars each day to over $500/day in AdSense revenue.

Watch The Video:

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Adsense Introduction - AdSense Secrets Live with Joel Comm #3

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Here are The Money Press Team , Joel Comm and YouTube Videos


AdSense Secrets Live with Joel Comm #3

In June 2003, Google singlehandedly breathed new life into the web when they introduced their AdSense contextual advertising program. What is Google AdSense? Find out in part 3 of my presentation.

to be containuous,

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AdSense Secrets Live with Joel Comm #2 : Google and AdWords

Here are The Money Press Team , Joel Comm and YouTube Videos Presents:

AdSense Secrets Live with Joel Comm #2

Learn the secrets to making money with Google AdSense.

In Part 2, you'll learn about Google and their AdWords program.

Joel Comm teaches live in this multi-part series. Continuous

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Who is Joel Comm ? - AdSense Secrets Live #1

Here are The Money Press Team , Joel Comm and YouTube Videos Presents:

Who is Joel Comm ?


Adsense Secrets Live with Joel Comm #1

Learn the secrets to making money with Google AdSense. Joel Comm teaches live in this multi-part series.

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in secound lesson you will learn the adsense secrets with joel comm

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