ِAdsense new policy: Google Says, No More Copied or illegal Content

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hi everybody ,

Now, we wants you to read adsense new policy about copy contents
From Adsense to All Publishers :



Sometimes we receive reports about AdSense code appearing on websites that
contain content copied from other websites. We understand that many of
publishers are concerned about this issue, so we'd like to give you some
information about the procedures and tools you can use to protect your
content.For example, let's suppose you own a movie blog, where you recently
posted an article about your favorite actor. After publishing it, you notice
that another website has copied and published your article without your
permission. The owner of the other website doesn't respond to your requests
remove the content, and it is monetizing their pages with AdSense. In a
situation like this, where you believe that a site containing AdSense code
illegally copying your site's content, you can let us know by following
process described in our
Help Center.



The notice should be sent directly from the owner of the
copyrighted materials allegedly being infringed (in the example above, that's
you), as we are unable to accept third-party copyright complaints. Also keep in
mind that we are unable to process copyright complaints received through the
AdSense policy violation report form. Once we've received a
notice of infringement, we will take appropriate action.


Sounds like an interesting subject to keep an eye on and in my opinion : Google has the authority to make or break any website. Its good to see that they are stepping up to police the Internet. However, i agree that this is going to be a huge pain for them.

So , Be Careful.

The Money Press Team