Over $3 Million With A Blog !

Friday, February 13, 2009

Dave Winer offers his own rebuttal for Dan Lyons, who had written a piece in Newsweek that said that :

"While blogs can do many wonderful things, making huge amounts of money isn't one of them."

But , Dave Winer Write his own rebuttal for his words . saied that :

" I agree. Blogs don't make money. But people with blogs can."

It’s a simple counter argument framed in numbers and symbols : $3 million. That’s how much Winer claims to have made from his blog over the years, from advertising.

Winer used his blog to talk about what he was doing , Net profit: $500k . Consulting gigs from his blog: “a few hundred thousand.” Sale of weblogs.com to Verisign after only mentioning it on his blog: $2.3 million.

" So we're already over $3 million -- and all he did was what any blogger does -- talk about what he doing."

you can make many thousands or maybe many millions of dollars from your blog by using an advertising programs like " Adsense or AdBrite "

let's begin now.............:D

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