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Friday, January 30, 2009

Getting an AdSense account takes just a few minutes. In this part of our blog ( ), you'll learn how easy it is to get started with blogging and Google AdSense.

Here The Money Press Team , The Internet Millionair : Joel Comm and You Tube videos , Presents :

The Secrets of making money with google adsense:
Apply for adsense:

Only Watch The Video Now:

Thank you for waching
Money Press Team

e-books about making money online

Download The Making Money E-Books

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The Traffic

The Traffic:

If you want to earn extra money from google adsense , you must be make a big traffic to your pages included your adsense.

Well, (big traffic = big clicks = more money).

If you don't have money to advertise about your site , you must be go in this way:I will show you the largest maintained list of current Adsense revenue sharing sites on the internet:

AdSensigg - AdSensigg = AdSense + DIGG-like (interesting idea) - 50% Adsense Revenue Share .
Dosh Dosh - Invite only revenue sharing community - Unknown·
Free Ads with Adsense Revenue Sharing - Interesting link building venture - Unknown· FunAdvice - Advice and answers site - Unknown·
Google Earth Hacks - Google Earth hacks forum - 75%·
Hub Pages Publish information on a topic you love to write about - 10% (oh boy!)·
Trend Hunter Report trends that you find - 100! New!·
Senserely Yours - An entire community based around sharing Adsense Revenue - Unknown· That’s Pretty Dumb - Highlighting the stupidest things businesses do to us - 100%·
QooForum - A general forum about anything and everything - 50%· - A gadgets article and blog site - 75%·
You Say Too - Revenue Sharing Community - 50%

BlogEvolve - Blogging community - 50%·
Blogger Party - A blogging community that shares Adsense advertising revenue - 50%· Bloggeries Blog Forum - A blog forum - 50%·
Writing Campus - Blogging community - 70%

SoundChilds - Music sales, forum - 90-95%

Rating Sites:
RateItAll - Consumer ratings and reviews - 50%·
Music Nerds - CD Review Site - 100%

Rights and Advocacy:
Private Rights Forum - Private label rights for audio and video - Unknown

Article Codex - Free article repository - 50%·
Article Trader - Free articles for your site - 50%·
Articles Revenue - Write articles for them - 100% *reduced later unknown percentage
DotNetSpider - Tutorial, articles, etc - 90%· - User submitted advice and guidance articles - 40 to 55%·
MeshPlex - Tutorial Database - 100%·
Scratch Projects - Write articles - $50 per article, plus 50%·
Share Your Expertise - An information sharing community - 100%

Domain/SEO/Advertising/webmaster sites: - A forum on PPC advertising and more - 50%·
Digital Point Forums - Search Engine Optimization and Marketing forum - 50%·
Domain Name Portal - Domain name forum - 20-50%·
Free Forum Hosting - Forum hosting and support - 50%·
HTTPPoint - Webmaster forum, SERP and SEO forums - 50%·
International Domain Names - 50%·
Internet Marketing Forum - Marketing and advertising - 50%·
Name Pros - Buy, sell, and discuss domain names - 50%·
Revenue Source - Advertising discussion site - Unknown·
SEO Meeting - SEO, webmaster forum - 100%·
Total Web Talk Forum - for webmasters - 50%·
Webdigity - SEO, webmaster, affiliate - 100%· - Webmaster forum - 100%·
Webmaster Talk - is a webmaster discussion forum - 50%· - A webmaster discussion forum - 40/10%·
WebTalk Forums - WTF webmaster forum - 70%·
Whooked Forum - Webmaster, SEO, etc - 80%

Home Improvement·
eFloor Plan - Home Improvement - 60%News· - Microsoft .NET information, links, community - 50%· - Tracking the best of the Irish web - 50%·
Value Investing News - Investor powered stock market news - 50%

Social Networking·
Google Knol - Wikipedia-like site by Google - 100%·
FriendTrain - social media site - Unknown·
Lensroll - Directory of Squidoo pages - 50%·
Squidoo - An excellent social media site - Shares revenue based upon various criteria *very good source of revenue!·
Qassia - Articles Submission and social media - 100% New!·
Tagfoot - Excellent social bookmarking site - 50%+ New!·
Xomba - Make posts, share links with other Xomba users - 50%

Golf Nation - Golf, Golf, and more Golf - 75%·
I Gotta Rant - Sports, Music, etc - 50%·
The Sand Trap - More Golf - 50%

IT, Tech-related·
Kernel Trap - Kernel development and news - 80%·
Scratch - Write Programming Tutorials for them - 50%·
SpiceFuse Forums General computer forum - 75%·
Tech Support Humor - Tech support humor site - 100%·
Technology Parent - Info for parents about technology - 50%

Video and Photo·
Flixya - Share videos, photos, and blogs - 100%·
Free Range Stock - Stock photo directory - 80%·
Howcast - Video sharing - 50%·
Rever - Video sharing - 50%· - Photo directory for aspiring photographers - 100%· - Free image hosting - 100%

Thank you for reading,

Money Press Team

The free content article directories

The easly way to make copy and paste by using :

The free content article directories:

Important note: you must write The Source in the last of any articles.

Thank you for reading,

Money Press Team.

Niche Keywords

Ask Joel Comm - How Do I Select a Niche for My AdSense Site?

Joel Comm, The Internet Revenue Expert, answers questions on how to make money on the Internet. A writer asks "How can I select the right niche to make money with AdSense?" What does Joel have to say about it? Watch and learn!

and in another video : Let Google tell you exactly what niche keywords it wants using this little used but highly effective tip from Ade Martin :

Thank you for watching,
Money Press Team.

Contents of your site or your blog


contents on your website do not mean that you just cut and paste some images there, or add in a full list of affiliate programs but to really write useful tips / contents related to the topic of your website.

you have two ways to your contents:

1- Services :

you can always applying any services you can do it from your pages on the web.

for example : you can applying training about any subject or you can applying any idea from your website or your blog.

2- Articles :

First, you should think of these points:

a) you must write a new articles on your blog or your website.

b) you want to know The Niche articles and the niche keywords.
( go to : The niche Keywords article in our blog )

c) you can make a copy from The free content article directories.
( go to : The free content article directories in our blog )

d) Content is King: See The Vedio

Thank you for reading,
Money Press Team.

Before applying to adsense

Before applying, you should think of these points:-

a) What website are you using to apply?

The website or domain name should have valid content rich webpages and not display any under construction webpages.

- if you are using a BLOG to apply then the best choice is to use your Blogger account (Google's blog website will display your blogs as such as )

- if you have installed the blog software into your own hosting, then you will choose and paste the google adsense coding to the section you want.

b) What is the contents of your site or blog ?

you have two ways to your contents:


c) are you know any thing about the niche keywords ?

The Money Press Team will write a long powerfull article in our blog ( ) about the niche keywords

So , Get back to our blog to learn more

Money Press Team

What is Google Adsense ?

What is Google AdSense?

Hi everybody,
So what is Google AdSense really all about? The following report includes some fascinating information about Google AdSense--info you can use, not just the old stuff they used to tell you.

The easiest way to earn money from websites and blogs is by joining the Google Adsense program. This program is managed by Google and after you are approved, you can copy Google advertiser codes into your own website and earn a portion of the pay per click paid by the advertiser to Google, when the click arises from your website.

Google adsense is an ad-serving program:

AdSense is a program provided by Google by placing its ads named adword to your web page, and Google will pay you for every single click to the ads.

The problem is how to get high traffics come to your website. It is useless when you're expecting money from Google AdSense while your page has no traffic at all.
How to get traffics to your web site?

here is step by step instruction

1. Make your own website with fresh content not copy and paste from other sites

2. submit your site to the major Search Engine such as Google, Yahoo, Altavista, All the web etc.

3. Try also submit to social bookmarking and social networking

4. Posting to other blogs, forums and millis. don not even try to spamming.

5. Creating back link come to your site as much as possible

Then you must be join to adsense program, How ???

Go to : to sign up

,but your adsense code into your site

and read more articles from our blog ( )

to know How to make money from google adsense.

Money Press Team.

What You Need To Know About Money Press

Hi every body,

Here i will tell you all you need to know about Money Press,
Money Press is a small company or in right mean it is a group of blogs we will write on it all things and all thinks to make a lot of money online

Yes! of course

you can make many thousands of dollars by using the internet

from any where , any time

and these is the first blog in our project

it is about Google adsense

in our blog ( ),

you will learn all secrets of google adsense program

and you will get all you need to know about it.

Watch The Video and Enjoy Reading:

Money Press Team


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