Before applying to adsense

Friday, January 30, 2009

Before applying, you should think of these points:-

a) What website are you using to apply?

The website or domain name should have valid content rich webpages and not display any under construction webpages.

- if you are using a BLOG to apply then the best choice is to use your Blogger account (Google's blog website will display your blogs as such as )

- if you have installed the blog software into your own hosting, then you will choose and paste the google adsense coding to the section you want.

b) What is the contents of your site or blog ?

you have two ways to your contents:


c) are you know any thing about the niche keywords ?

The Money Press Team will write a long powerfull article in our blog ( ) about the niche keywords

So , Get back to our blog to learn more

Money Press Team