Flixya , the fastest way to earn from google adsense

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hi everybody,

Do you hear about flixya ad revenue program ??

yes, i listed it on my post about The Traffic Here ,

flixya is the fastest way to earn alot of cash from google adsense because you can share on it everything : ( Videos, Photos, Blogs ) and make a friends like facebook but flixya is a different, because flixya revenue share model offers 100% ad revenue to all contributing members ,

and it is include the huge data base of members how always online.

So, Flixya is the sourse of traffic to your pages,

Well, (big traffic + 100% ad revenue sharing= big clicks = more money)

When you register with Flixya, you can choose to participate in earning
total revenue from ads that appear surrounding any video, photo or blog
It's a quick and easy process! Upload or share your videos from
YouTube, Google
Video, Revver, Daily Motion, and other video sharing sites.
Flixya also offers
unlimited free image hosting for posting photos on
Craigslist and Ebay or share
your photo gallery with friends. Flixya is the
only social network that pays you
100% ad revenue and our easy to use
publishing and one-click media distribution
tools, drive traffic and enable
you to earn residual income from each piece of
content that you contribute.

and it is the fastest way to apply adsense for your account if you don't register before,

all you want to do to earn cash from adsense a sampel types,

First , Register to flixya and google adsense from this link : ENTER HERE

Then , upload photos, embed videos, or write an articles

and make friende

you will get a cash...... :D

Good luck for all

Money Press Team

The New Blogs Era ($$ let's make some cash$$ )

Friday, March 6, 2009

Hi everybody,

Do you hear about the new blogs era ???

i think the answer is : (NO)

if you using the internet from any where around the world , you are already know the blogs

but the only blogers are know the new era of blogs

in the past ( and now too ) we use the blogs to share our experince, life, ideas or any thing we want to publish it,

but not all blogers can write the very good articles, or make his blog up to date daily.

so, we think to do blogs without articles !!!

yeh, No more articles

let's share any thing from our blogs like the websites !!

for exampel : you can to share only videos was embeded from other sites like youtube and google videos

you can see this exampel live on :


it is the new blog that share the videos about making money online.

exampel #2 : you can share Photos , programs, music, or any thing you have to share

it is not imposible to make a good blog , you only need a plane

First, you must ask your self a qustion : what you have to put it in to your blog ??

Articles , Photos , Programs , or any thing

if you don't have any thing to share it ,

you can share the embeded videos

it is very easy,

Then, you can publish the ads on your blog like : google adsense and affiliate programs to earn alot of money

Good Luck for all

Money Press Team

The New Money Press Strategies

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hi everybody,
We are put new strategies to work,

Now, we wants you to read Some Money Press Team new policy:

1- New articles :
Sometimes we receive reports about our articles appearing on our blogs that may contain a boor contents and pretty basic , so we are hope to write new articles and new news from now to ever.

2- Copy contents :
We found some articles that may contain content copied from other websites , and we work to fix it now.
So, We Says, No More Copied or illegal Content on this blog from these moment to ever.

3- Update blog :
Our blog ( www.Money-Press.blogspot.com ), will be up to date may be daily or every two days,
Because, we want to share alot of our experience with you.

and our Sounds like an interesting subject to keep an eye on,
So, you will love it , and we want to see new change
Thank you for reading,
Money Press Team

Earnings: $55,123 in one month

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hello everybody,

Today, when i browse the internet, i have found Jim Karter who had written a piece in his blog that said that :

In February 2008, His Earnings was : $55,123

He used alot of PPC programs on his own sites , But Google Adsense is still the biggest earner at $31,611 (57.3% of total earnings) ,

and here is the analytics of the PPC programs that he had used it :

From Jim Karter's blog :

Can you make this number of earnings in one month ?
of course you can do it.......:D
Just begain to learn on our blog ( Money-Press.blogspot.com )
you can make many thousands or maybe many millions of dollars from your blog by using an advertising programs like " Adsense "
So, go ahead and let's begin now.
Money Press Team.

Advice On How To Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Author: piyu

In this article I give advice about ways in which you can increase the amount you earn from Google adsense. I run adsense on a number of my sites and it is proving to be a very good form of second income. Many other people are now putting the code onto their own sites which can help them to pay for hosting and domain renewal costs.

Should you run adsense on your website?

In my opinion there are many positive reasons to have these google ads on your website but there are also reasons why you may not want them on there.On the positive side you are of course likely to earn money when people click on one of the ads, this can be a useful income, however unless you have either a high traffic site or a large number of sites, you are unlikely to get rich from it.

On the negative side when people click on one of the ads it is actually taking away that visitor from your site. If you are offering a service it therefore probably is not worth signing up for adsense for that site. If the site is purely for information purposes I would say that it is worth adding the code.

How to increase your adsense earnings

There are many ways in which you can blend the adverts into your website by choosing a particular colour for the ads as an example. Placement of the ads is also quite important and there is information on the Google site which advises where to put the adverts for maximum impact.

I believe the best way to increase your earnings however is to get more traffic to the website. There are many ways of doing this:

Google adwords

You can create an advertising campaign using google adwords. You could opt to pay near enough the minimum fee per click and this will keep the costs down. People will then visit your site and hopefully click on one of the other ads, therefore making you money.

This can work very well for certain subjects, but not so well for others. It is a matter of trial and error, I always run the adwords for around a month and then evaluate if it is worth carrying on after that point.

It is obviously important that we do not spend more on our own advertising, than we are likely to earn.

Purchase a text link ad

This is becoming more and more popular as one way backward links are becoming ever more powerful in the eyes of the search engines. These type of links are however quite hard to come by.

By purchasing a text link advert you are likely to have an increase in web traffic from two avenues. Firstly from the advert itself and also from the page rank value of the backward link.

At articles-submission.com you are able to purchase nine of these permanent backward links for only £50, which includes a link on a page rank five page.

Writing articles

Writing articles can also help you to obtain more visitors to your site. The people who read the article are potential visitors, you also obtain a one way backward link from the article directory which you submit the article to, and other webmasters may also include the article on their own site, thus creating another one way backward link. These backward links help to increase your overall page rank. The higher the page rank, the more traffic you should receive.

Link exchange

Exchanging links with other websites which are hopefully in the same business sector as your own, also has value. These links are not as powerful as the one way links mentioned above but are still worth seeking.

You can e-mail or phone other webmasters to ask if they would be happy to swap links with your site.

Build a site network

If you have the time and available funds you could also consider building a network of sites, all on the same theme. Each of the sites in the network would have a link pointing to the main site. They could also have adsense on the sites thus increasing your earnings in a two-fold manner.

I hope this article helps you in your quest to increase your adsense earnings.http://www.thegoogleincome.com/

About the Author:

a student

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/affiliate-programs-articles/advice-on-how-to-increase-your-google-adsense-earnings-792586.html