The New Blogs Era ($$ let's make some cash$$ )

Friday, March 6, 2009

Hi everybody,

Do you hear about the new blogs era ???

i think the answer is : (NO)

if you using the internet from any where around the world , you are already know the blogs

but the only blogers are know the new era of blogs

in the past ( and now too ) we use the blogs to share our experince, life, ideas or any thing we want to publish it,

but not all blogers can write the very good articles, or make his blog up to date daily.

so, we think to do blogs without articles !!!

yeh, No more articles

let's share any thing from our blogs like the websites !!

for exampel : you can to share only videos was embeded from other sites like youtube and google videos

you can see this exampel live on :

it is the new blog that share the videos about making money online.

exampel #2 : you can share Photos , programs, music, or any thing you have to share

it is not imposible to make a good blog , you only need a plane

First, you must ask your self a qustion : what you have to put it in to your blog ??

Articles , Photos , Programs , or any thing

if you don't have any thing to share it ,

you can share the embeded videos

it is very easy,

Then, you can publish the ads on your blog like : google adsense and affiliate programs to earn alot of money

Good Luck for all

Money Press Team