SEO tip for blogger: Make The Page Title work for better SEO

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hello everybody,

Today i will start to writing a search engine optimization (SEO) tips for blogger.

it's activaty works with most SEO experters in all over the world

The Title

and the first tipe you must to do it to make the page title working for a better SEO,

It will helps you ranked up fast by the search engines

and don't forget that :
If you have any idea, drop me a comment and then we can discuss it here.

Standard page title for a single Blogger post is BLOG TITLE: POST TITLE. You can improve SEO by changing the title tags to POST TITLE BLOG TITLE. Find this code in your XML template,

Important Note :
Please remove all (**) from the codes before making any action
Search for :


and Replace it with this code :

<**b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'**>
<**title**><**data:blog.pageName/**> <**data:blog.title/**><**/title**>


Don't forget to deleate the (**) from the codes
i am sorry because blogger don't allowed to publish this code without **
i hope you understand that

Thank you for your time
Good Luck for all
Money Press Team