Starting a blog for Fun and Get Profit

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hi everybody,

Today we will talk about blogging,

In the last few years, blogging has become a much more Profit activity than simply maintaining a personal diary. The People use it to make a lot of money by advertise to their products and services, quite a number of companies even create their online presence by using a blog instead of a website.

Create Your Own Blog

Starting a blog .You don't need to register a domain name or buy hosting , but You can create one at Website or a free service from Google .

When you sign up at Blogger, everything happens online. Your blog will be hosted and you get an URL like Website You simply log in to your account and start to write.

This is much easy and cheap.

The secound blogging service available online is : WordPress which is also very popular and easy to use.

WordPress supports more features than Blogger while allowing you to customize your blog with various plug-in. You can check it out at Website .

Get Money from Your Blog :

While you blogging for your own interest, you can in fact maximize the potential of your blog for many marketing or commercial purposes.

The quickest and easiest way to turn a blog into a money-making project is to include advertising on your blog.

This can be done with contextual ad programs like Adsense - to learn more about Adsense you can read more articles on our blog ( ). you get paid when people click ads displayed on your website or blog.

Google Adsense program is free to sign up. You can visit adsense website to learn more about the rules and guidelines of the program.

Other Adsense type ads that you can use for blog monetizing are SearchFeed, AdBrite, and (YPN) Yahoo's Publisher’s Network .

Another potential way to make money blogging by using: Affiliate program.

By working on the subject of your blog post, you can advertise relevant products from cost per sale affiliate
programs like ClickBank, CJ, and Amazon.

You write a review about the product or service with your affiliate links embedded inside so you get the commission whenever a sale is made.

Whether you use your blog for fun or for work, remember that it’s a highly potential tool any which way. So what are you waiting for? Start blogging away right now!

Thank you for reading,
The Money Press Team