Flixya , the fastest way to earn from google adsense

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hi everybody,

Do you hear about flixya ad revenue program ??

yes, i listed it on my post about The Traffic Here ,

flixya is the fastest way to earn alot of cash from google adsense because you can share on it everything : ( Videos, Photos, Blogs ) and make a friends like facebook but flixya is a different, because flixya revenue share model offers 100% ad revenue to all contributing members ,

and it is include the huge data base of members how always online.

So, Flixya is the sourse of traffic to your pages,

Well, (big traffic + 100% ad revenue sharing= big clicks = more money)

When you register with Flixya, you can choose to participate in earning
total revenue from ads that appear surrounding any video, photo or blog
It's a quick and easy process! Upload or share your videos from
YouTube, Google
Video, Revver, Daily Motion, and other video sharing sites.
Flixya also offers
unlimited free image hosting for posting photos on
Craigslist and Ebay or share
your photo gallery with friends. Flixya is the
only social network that pays you
100% ad revenue and our easy to use
publishing and one-click media distribution
tools, drive traffic and enable
you to earn residual income from each piece of
content that you contribute.

and it is the fastest way to apply adsense for your account if you don't register before,

all you want to do to earn cash from adsense a sampel types,

First , Register to flixya and google adsense from this link : ENTER HERE

Then , upload photos, embed videos, or write an articles

and make friende

you will get a cash...... :D

Good luck for all

Money Press Team


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