Contents of your site or your blog

Friday, January 30, 2009


contents on your website do not mean that you just cut and paste some images there, or add in a full list of affiliate programs but to really write useful tips / contents related to the topic of your website.

you have two ways to your contents:

1- Services :

you can always applying any services you can do it from your pages on the web.

for example : you can applying training about any subject or you can applying any idea from your website or your blog.

2- Articles :

First, you should think of these points:

a) you must write a new articles on your blog or your website.

b) you want to know The Niche articles and the niche keywords.
( go to : The niche Keywords article in our blog )

c) you can make a copy from The free content article directories.
( go to : The free content article directories in our blog )

d) Content is King: See The Vedio

Thank you for reading,
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